Fall, You’re Just My Type!!


I don’t think I’ve ever said aloud before, but fall is absolutely one of my favorite seasons. The colorful leaves make for a perfect backdrop for clothing in hues of apple green and pumpkin orange. Then there’s the layering..  what other time of the year does wearing layers and knee length boots, make for a seductive outfit? Personally, I haven’t shopped this season because my closet is fully equipped for fall. What I have been experimenting with is my hairstyles. Honestly when I wake up in the morning and get ready for work, I have no idea what hairstyle I’m going to rock.  It all depends on my mood, the weather and the length of time I have to get ready.

Lately, I have forgo my natural hairstyles for hair pieces and wigs. Don’t be too quick to call me a traitor because the next time you see, I might be rocking a bomb a** twist out.. For now I’m having fun and enjoying the love I’m receiving from friends and coworkers alike for my ever changing hairstyles. “Can I keep topping all my previous hairstyles” is what I keep asking myself. However, the more I worry about how people will receive my hairstyles or my entire style for that matter, is the more styling will become a chore instead of being fun and self expressive. Your individual style is something that’s personal and shouldn’t be dictated by the people around you… I’m learning this more and more.



Keeping it classy

short hair, don't care

Hat on





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