No Fabrics Left Behind: Born Again Vintage Shines at Fashion Week Brooklyn 2014

I’m the daughter of a seamstress. I grew up watching my mother make all types of fashion pieces-from pageant gowns for my older sister to cocktails dresses for her friends and clients.  There was a section in the house  where I grew up in that was reserved solely for my mother’s sewing machine. Surrounding her sewing machine were bags that contained scrap of fabrics. My mother saved everything. I mean everything. Seldom were clothes thrown out of my house. My mother had a knack for revitalizing clothes that seem to be on life support. I guess she was somewhat a head of the curve because sustainable fashion has become extremely popular within recent years.

Many designers have responded to the overwhelming call to produce more sustainable fashion. They have done so by  producing select items like food shopping bags and tee shirts, while other designers have made commitments in only producing eco friendly fashions.

I attended this month’s Fashion Week Brooklyn. The first night kicked off with Sustainable Fashion by local designers. One of the fashion brands that stood out was Born Again Vintage. Even the name of the brand sounds edgy.  I was in awe at the some of the pieces that hit the runway. The looks were fashionable and  practical.  I could see myself wearing a lot of the looks.

Born Again Vintage

I absolutely loved this look, especially the jacket.

photo 3

These were other looks from Born Again Vintage that hit the runway

If you visit Born Again Vintage’s website, they have ideas on Recycling and Upcycling your wardrobe. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind remixing some fashion pieces in my closets.

For some people, Sustainable Fashion is a way of life. I personally haven’t met anyone more dedicated to sustainable fashion than Dominique Drakeford, CEO/Founder of Drake Natural Sustainable Fashion PR Company. This very fashionable young woman with a unique sense of style is causing huge ripples in the fashion industry. If you ask her how she feels about sustainable fashion, her more than likely response as seen on her Instagram is, “You can miss me with saying Sustainable Fashion aint dope.”  There you have it folks, Sustainable Fashion is dope! Period!

Drake Natural

Dominique Drakeford, the CEO/founder of Drake Natural Sustainable Fashion PR Company


Actress Lupita Nyong’o undeniably the best dressed at Golden Globes Awards 2014

My, what nice almond shaped eyes she has. My, what flawless skin she has.  My, what a lovely dress she has on. You can liken 12 years a slave star Lupita Nyong’o crimson  gown cape to that of Little Red Riding Hood’s famous red hooded cape, but this beautiful creature was dressed for the Golden Globes Awards ceremony and not for galvanizing through the woods to grandma’s house. She dazzled the red carpet with this number by Ralph Lauren.


Erykah Badu and Luxury Fashion Brand Givenchy Team UP!


“My dress ain’t cost nothing but seven dollars but I made it a fly” sang Ms. Badu on her  sophomore album, “Mama’s Gun”. This is the same type of fly that Givenchy’s creative director, Riccardo Tisci, is trying to show case by having the “Bag Lady” singer as the face of its spring 2014 campaign.  Of course the luxury brand’s upcoming African and Japanese inspired collection will be high end, but having Ms. Badu as its face will  bring a diverse audience and hopefully a diverse set of consumers.

According to, Mr. Tisci has always admired Ms. Badu’s style.  “Erykah, she’s an icon—come on!” says Mr. Tisci who is known for his unique casting of models who other creative directors would probably never consider .  This upcoming collection will only feature models who are women of color.


Call her style Bohemian, Afrocentric, or even Eclectic, but it’s exclusively hers!

Controversy Aint Cheap: Check Out the Jay Z- Barneys NY Collection!

I did the math. If you want and can actually afford the entire limited edition Shawn “Jay Z” Carter Collection at Barneys New York, it will set you back $156,648 (give or take, carry the one). Barneys’ partnership with the prolific rapper and businessman Jay Z, is mounted in controversy post allegations of racial profiling at its flagship store on Madison Avenue. Jay Z who vehemently denies that he stands to benefit from this partnership, decided against dissolving it. And although Barneys hasn’t confessed to any wrongdoing, its mea culpa to the public is the donation of 100% of the proceeds to the Shawn Carter Foundation. Only time will tell whether or not this will appease critics and make this collection a huge success from now until it’s set to terminate early next year.


“New watch alert: Hublot” – Jay Z. This 18 k gold watch retails at $33,900.


Moncler Leather Sleeve Puffer Varsity Jacket. Retail $2, 295


Balmain Epaulette Tee Shirt. Retailing at a whapping $995.


Gold by Jay Z is more my speed at $150.

Check out the rest of the collection at

Masquerade Art Gala with Midnight Fashion Show

The thought of dancing The Tango with a mysterious man (while both of our faces are obscured with masks) is something that I’ve envisioned countless times. Blame it on my love of romantic films. Something about such a scene seems so sensual and seductive. This past Halloween on Thursday night, I was given a chance to imitate art; well, sort of.  I attended a masquerade which was coupled as a fashion show fundraiser to end child sex slave trafficking. The only things missing were a young, irresistible stallion and enough room to dance The Tango. But hey, at least the fashion show went well. Featured designers were Jason Christopher Peters, Yesterdaynight, and Phil Harris !




Fashion Night Cap with Designer Jesenia Lopez

I’m like a kid sometimes when it comes to fashion; give me a fun filled day of it and I still want more. This past Tuesday wasn’t any different. I went to the Skyroom in Times Square for a fashion night cap. The designer doing the serving was Jesensia Lopez. She debut her NYNE NYC A/W 2014 collection. Some of the models whom I recognized from Fashion Week Brooklyn made use of the makeshift runaway while guests looked on from their cushion seats. The show itself was very laid-back with some of the models being flirty and playful while staying true to Ms. Lopez’s vision. The line, which could be categorized as ready-to-wear urban chic, had a lot of statement pieces especially for the men. Overall, I was impressed by the line and hope that I can indulge in future fashion night caps with Ms. Lopez.