Lashing Out with Pezzetta Cosmetics.

This past Saturday, my friend and I attended a Lash Bar event hosted by Pezzetta Cosmetics. It took place in Brooklyn’s own Bella Rose Beauty, one of my favorite boutiques. I recently got a super cute hair cut so I wanted my makeup, especially my eyes to be on point. This event came just in the nick of time.


By the time Nakisha Hodge of Pezzetta Cosmetics was done with me, my eyelashes were batting at a thousand. Pezzetta’s eyelashes are human hair and can be reused at least five times. Celebrity clients of Pezzetta Cosmetics include Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and Keke Plamer, who recently scored the role of Cinderella on Broadway.

Bella 1>

My homegirl Valencia was next up to bat

Val Bella

A little glass of bubbly. Don’t mind if I do.


I always feel at home at Bella Rose Beauty.

bella 2

I love the fact that I got to stand by a beautiful work of art.

Bella Twins

Nakisha (to my right) and Jill(to my left) of Pezzetta Cosmetics were a joy to hang out with. Special shout to @queen_bleeny (to the far left) of Bella Rose Beauty for the bubbly. 🙂