I Rode The NYC Subway With Some NBA Ballers Today

In anticipation of the NBA’s 2015 All Star Weekend, which is taking place in 2 weeks in New York, the NBA is going all out with its promotion. En route home in a very slushy and slippery commute, I hopped on the number 5 train in Downtown, Brooklyn, only to be greeted with images of Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant; Kobe Bryant of the Lakers and NYC’s own Carmelo Anthony- to name a few. The subway car which was covered from top to bottom( seats included), with All Star Weekend promotions, were free of any graffiti or any other type of defacement. Good job, New York!!!



Look AT Me, Dammit!

Last week I returned back to “my roots”. I temporarily hung up my wigs and hair pieces in favor of my natural tresses. Inside I feel the same. I know I am beautiful with or without my wigs but one thing for certain, not everyone was impressed by my natural hair. Every morning I commute via mass transit to my copywriting gig located in Northern New Jersey. I catch the NJ transit at Port Authority in Times Square. Day in and day out, I see the same familiar faces standing in a single filed line waiting for our chariot to arrive. I don’t know their names but I know their stops. I presume, in their minds, I too have become a constant in their daily commute. As a keen observer and a people watcher , as I always been, I’ve noticed that when I wear my wigs I get looks from a lot of the men- they can’t stop staring. Some sneak glances while others make it plain ol obvious that they like what they see.

Upon reintroducing my natural hair, I barely received my usual glances from my male traveling cohorts. One man in particularly, a regular gawker, has avoided looking at me at all cost. I even spotted him during my recent evening commute and still no glances. I felt like going up to him in a dramatic fashion (like something seen out of a movie) and turning his head violently and saying “Look at me dammit. I’m still the same person your eyes fell in love with. ”

I didn’t get a sex change but to my former admirers, I might as well have. In their eyes, I lost my femininity or the thing that made me look desirable. I’m actually not a bit bothered because I’m comfortable in my own skin and in my looks. And it’s not that I missed their glances, but as a writer my job is to be observant and to take in my environment. I just so happen to note that my natural tresses don’t garner the usual attention that my wigs do.

I’ve heard similar hair stories from other women about how negatively their natural hair have been received by their significant others and admirers. However, I know of a lot of women who have professed to also experiencing men who are just fascinated and enamored by their natural hair and the confidence that goes along with it. Personally, I’ve been natural for two years- many wigs, weaves, extension have come and went but underneath it all I remain natural. Is it naive for me to hope that one day what’s under my scalp will be more attractive to men than what’s on top of it? I keep echoing to myself words by Indie Arie,” I am not my hair” but I’m starting to think that to some I am.

Blacks Cats Do It Better: My Halloween Look!

Well, usually I don’t do anything on Halloween night but this year I decided to live a little. I went to a Halloween party in the city. Some of the costumes I saw en route to the city were flat out hilarious. I laughed so hard that real tears formed in my eyes- I nearly ran my mascara. As for me and my costume, I didn’t come in a full cat outfit but honey all I gave was a sexy kitten face- that was enough for me.

Would you let this sexy kitten cross your path even if it meant several years of bad luck?

Would you let this sexy kitten cross your path even if it meant several years of bad luck?

Quick photo op at the Halloween party!

Quick photo op at the Halloween party!

Fall, You’re Just My Type!!


I don’t think I’ve ever said aloud before, but fall is absolutely one of my favorite seasons. The colorful leaves make for a perfect backdrop for clothing in hues of apple green and pumpkin orange. Then there’s the layering..  what other time of the year does wearing layers and knee length boots, make for a seductive outfit? Personally, I haven’t shopped this season because my closet is fully equipped for fall. What I have been experimenting with is my hairstyles. Honestly when I wake up in the morning and get ready for work, I have no idea what hairstyle I’m going to rock.  It all depends on my mood, the weather and the length of time I have to get ready.

Lately, I have forgo my natural hairstyles for hair pieces and wigs. Don’t be too quick to call me a traitor because the next time you see, I might be rocking a bomb a** twist out.. For now I’m having fun and enjoying the love I’m receiving from friends and coworkers alike for my ever changing hairstyles. “Can I keep topping all my previous hairstyles” is what I keep asking myself. However, the more I worry about how people will receive my hairstyles or my entire style for that matter, is the more styling will become a chore instead of being fun and self expressive. Your individual style is something that’s personal and shouldn’t be dictated by the people around you… I’m learning this more and more.



Keeping it classy

short hair, don't care

Hat on




How long will this Hairstyle Last?

It’s been almost three weeks since I cut my hair. Am I itching for new style or variation of this current style? Yeah, sorta. Will I change my hairstyle any time soon? It all depends on how the wind blows, but for now I like how I’m standing out. Can’t you tell by this smile on my face?..lol Until next time, lovelies. By the way, tell me what you think of this new style.

I’m from Brooklyn. What it Look Like?!

I’ve lived in Brooklyn, NY practically all my life and one thing for certain is that us Brooklynites have a certain type of swag. The word “swag” might be a tad overused but in this instance it’s extremely relevant. Our fashion can be over-the-top to simply chic with little effort. As we welcome Manhattan transplants along with other folks from different cities who are flocking to be part of the Brooklyn Experience, we’re adding to the swag. However, no one does it better than a native Brooklynite. Yup, I went there…lol. This past Saturday, I RSVP for an event taken place at Rustik in Brooklyn called Dope BBQ. Dope BBQ turned into Nope BBQ because the line to get in was wrapped around the corner. I haven’t reached V.I.P status yet so I couldn’t waltz my way to the front of the line. But while we were on the line, the head-to-toe fashion on most line huggers appeared to be on point. My friends and I made use of the setting outside of Rustik and snapped some photos. When all else fails, take a selfie! We never made it inside. We walked off the line graciously and took our dope selves somewhere else!

No Fabrics Left Behind: Born Again Vintage Shines at Fashion Week Brooklyn 2014

I’m the daughter of a seamstress. I grew up watching my mother make all types of fashion pieces-from pageant gowns for my older sister to cocktails dresses for her friends and clients.  There was a section in the house  where I grew up in that was reserved solely for my mother’s sewing machine. Surrounding her sewing machine were bags that contained scrap of fabrics. My mother saved everything. I mean everything. Seldom were clothes thrown out of my house. My mother had a knack for revitalizing clothes that seem to be on life support. I guess she was somewhat a head of the curve because sustainable fashion has become extremely popular within recent years.

Many designers have responded to the overwhelming call to produce more sustainable fashion. They have done so by  producing select items like food shopping bags and tee shirts, while other designers have made commitments in only producing eco friendly fashions.

I attended this month’s Fashion Week Brooklyn. The first night kicked off with Sustainable Fashion by local designers. One of the fashion brands that stood out was Born Again Vintage. Even the name of the brand sounds edgy.  I was in awe at the some of the pieces that hit the runway. The looks were fashionable and  practical.  I could see myself wearing a lot of the looks.

Born Again Vintage

I absolutely loved this look, especially the jacket.

photo 3

These were other looks from Born Again Vintage that hit the runway

If you visit Born Again Vintage’s website, they have ideas on Recycling and Upcycling your wardrobe. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind remixing some fashion pieces in my closets.

For some people, Sustainable Fashion is a way of life. I personally haven’t met anyone more dedicated to sustainable fashion than Dominique Drakeford, CEO/Founder of Drake Natural Sustainable Fashion PR Company. This very fashionable young woman with a unique sense of style is causing huge ripples in the fashion industry. If you ask her how she feels about sustainable fashion, her more than likely response as seen on her Instagram is, “You can miss me with saying Sustainable Fashion aint dope.”  There you have it folks, Sustainable Fashion is dope! Period!

Drake Natural

Dominique Drakeford, the CEO/founder of Drake Natural Sustainable Fashion PR Company